Mobilian Bill Pryor a Supreme Court priority?

President Trump said today: He has decided who he will nominate to replace Judge Antonin Scalia on the supreme court. Throughout his campaign, trump made it clear circuit court judge Bill Pryor of Mobile is among his top picks. We could find out a week from today.

No question where Mobilian Bill Pryor stands on the issues. Raised devoutly roman catholic, attending McGill-Toolen high school, and once calling Roe v. Wade the "worst abomination in the history of constitutional law." he also referred to the supreme court as "9 octogenarian lawyers." he is now considered one of the two frontrunners for that very high court.

Pryor followed Jeff Sessions as Alabama's attorney general in 1997, proving during his tenure, he could set aside his personal beliefs, and uphold the rule of law. In 2003 he called for the removal of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who had disobeyed a federal court order to remove a ten commandments monument from the state judicial building. Pryor saying he agreed with displaying the commandments, he was bound by the law. Pryor personally prosecuted Moore, who was removed from office..

Bill Pryor was nominated to the eleventh circuit by president George W. Bush in April of 2003.

After a tumultuous confirmation period lasting more than 2 years, pryor was confirmed in june of 2005. He was sworn in at the age of 43..

Pryor and 7th circuit court Judge Diane Sykes are reported to be President Trump's top picks for the high court. He's expected to make his nomination known a week from today.