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Discover the Fairhope Brewing Company

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 04:12 PM CDT
FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WPMI) When it comes to beer, customers are pretty loyal. But it's time to shake up your little libatious world with something new and different. And Fairhope Brewing Company is the place for that.

Co-owner James Foley can rattle off his beers without skipping a beat.

"We have our Everyday Ale, our Section Street Wheat, Fairhope 51, our pale ale, our Painted Black IPA, and our Take The Causeway IPA, which is our summer seasonal," he said.

Take the causeway?

"It's good advice in the summer!” he said, laughing, referring to Mobile’s alternative route to avoid traffic jams.

You won't find a lot of their beers on store shelves.One day, maybe. Right now you can only find them on tap here at Fairhope Brewing Company.
And there's a reason for that. They're all made in Fairhope at the brewery on Nichols Street. Co-owner Brian Kane and partners decided this was the place to brew.

"We looked at Fairhope as a good place,” he said. “It's very artsy, and craft beer is a very artsy kind of thing."

Now, don't expect this beer to be tempered. It's packed with flavor, mostly because of  one distinct ingredient, hops.

"And they give it that kind of piney, bitter type flavor," said Brian.

And the biggest difference?

"Well, I think the biggest difference is freshness," he said.

When they say the beer is fresh here, they mean it. It doesn't get more fresh than the next room. And that’s where beer is brewing in tanks right now. The sound of bubbling is everywhere.

"It's carbon dioxide produced by the yeast when fermentation is occurring,” explained brew master Dan Murphy.

Dan goes from tank to tank like a baker checking his ovens to see if the bread is done. And at the end? Nothing is wasted, not even the spent grain.

"The cows of Fairhope Farm love it!" he said.

The cows have some company. A brew pub was tried in Mobile, but failed. But that was before laws changed to allow sale of the product to other businesses.

The Fairhope Brewing Company’s trademark “F” is already arriving at other locations on both sides of the bay.Discover the Fairhope Brewing Company

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