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A New and Delicious Adventure for Lucy Buffett

Updated: Friday, August 9 2013, 10:17 AM CDT
GULF SHORES, Ala. (WPMI) Sit down at a table with Lucy Buffett, and expect something good to happen. And it almost always involves food.

"These are called hoppers", she said, "and they're from over in the panhandle area. They're extra large, and they hop along the top."

They're tasty shrimp. And while shrimp is served at LuLu's, Lucy's mega popular restaurant along the intercoastal waterway in Gulf Shores, this is something different.

And it's not on the LuLu's menu.

"I want everyone to know it's not another LuLu's," she said, surrounded by a beautiful new dining room. "It's a different concept."

Right next door to LuLu's, a new stage is holding rehearsals for Lucy's next act. It shall be called "Lucy B. Goode's."

"It's the baby sister who is very different than it's mother, you know, the BIG sister!" she said, laughing.

Lucy B. Goode's is Lucy Buffett's first attempt at finer dining. But not too fine. The blue canning jars let you know dressing up is optional.

"This is something that I want to be upscale but not fancy!" she said. "Does that make sense?"

What makes sense is what will be an ever changing menu at Lucy B. Goode's. Ever changing, because of where they'll shop for ingredients.

"Those beans came from Baldwin County," she explained. "That squash came form Baldwin County, these potatoes came from Baldwin County."

In the kitchen, Chef Randall Baldwin, a Saraland native, is creating new dishes for the menu. Baldwin trained at New York's prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

"We're gonna try to keep it fresh," he promised, "whatever is available form our local farmers that we can grab from them and help them out, that's what we're gonna put on our menu for our customers."

Baldwin said there will be no compromises. If it's Mac N Cheese, the cheese will come from Elberta.Lucy's own home canned sweet pickles are on his fried chicken sliders.

"MMMMMMM. Oh my God, that's good!" said Lucy, nibbling on a slider (which is a homemade biscuit instead of a bun.).

The staff won't have to travel far for fresh grouper from the Gulf, or peanuts for Chef Randall's savory, yes, peanut soup. And the flavors are pulled from locales from around the Gulf of Mexico.

But Lucy B. Goode's will never get too far from home.

Expect small plates packed with big flavor, and even a new brew to wash it all down... Lucy's own Crazy Sista Honey Ale.

Lucy says this new restaurant is a tribute to her mom and dad, simple, honest and filled with flavor.

"What about just having some plain old squash?" said it's namesake, lifting a fork full toward her mouth.

Watch for an opening sometime next week.
It'll be posted on the Lucy B. Goode facebook page.A New and Delicious Adventure for Lucy Buffett

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